April 2021

01Apr11:3931Mai(Mai 31)11:39GeoVanna Gonzalez & die Blaue Distanz…this is not the end.Kunstverein Göttingen

“…this is not the end.” is a publication project and conversation format developed together with the artists GeoVanna Gonzalez and die Blaue Distanz (Anna Erdmann and Franziska Goralski). It is at the same time an attempt to deal with the fact that an exhibition project, which was planned for the summer, cannot take place as envisioned.

The project was planned as a meeting point for many, a real place that should be exhibition, discussion forum, safe space and research platform at the same time. Together with the artists, participatory, queer, feminist and collective strategies were to be made visible and tested in the exhibition space. The aim was to jointly make proposals for encounters at eye level.

“…this is not the end.” is a way to continue the conversations that have been started and not to drop the threads that have already been picked up. In video talks and a publication, the discussions that have already taken place about inclusiveness, participation and eye level are summarized and continued. The project is a consequence of calling something off and yet an opportunity to make visible the work that has already begun.


die Blaue Distanz [the blue distance] are Anna Erdmann and Franziska Goralski. They are working together as an artistic duo since 2015.
In their collaborative work, they are interested in queer ways of living and learning, lesbian realities, (digital) feminist perspectives, how to share knowledge, and what visibility does mean in hierarchical structures. They explore the influence of role models just like stereotypes on the construction of female* identity. Finding gaps and spotting light on underrepresented decisions is crucial for the duo. The concept-based and/or research-based approaches lead to spatial settings, collective investigations, and speculative advertisements.

GeoVanna Gonzalez is an artist and curator. Her concern is to connect private and public space through interventionist, participatory art with a focus on collaboration and collectivity. In her installations, she references architecture and design by thinking about how the voids in the spaces we inhabit affect our everyday lives. Her work explores changing notions of gender and identity, intimacy and closeness, and forms of communication and miscommunication in today’s technological and consumer culture.


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