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15MärGanztätig05JulCamilla SteinumKunstverein Göttingen im Alten Rathaus

The work of Norwegian artist and sculptor Camilla Steinum focuses on the quality and characteristics of materials and objects. In „zusammen und getrennt“ (engl.: „together and divided“), the Kunstverein Göttingen presents Steinum‘s first institutional solo show in Germany with mostly new sculptures and installations made of wood, bronze, rubber and fabric.

Steinum develops numerous room-in-room structures for the exhibition, in the shape of containers or cages, based on observations surrounding the need for people to control, divide and differentiate. At the same time, the artist‘s playful visual vocabulary allows for the viewer to experience contradicting traditional ideas surrounding the notion of the interior and the exterior. New biological insights, the challenges confronted with by climate change, and the sociality of individuals, questions previous ideas on detachment of the self from the environment and demands a new approach to forming relationships with fellow humans and our environment. What does it mean to belong and what does it mean when excluded? What lies within and what beyond? And who allows for admission and entry?

Camilla Steinum releases materials and objects from their prescribed function and sounds out their potential to refer to body, power and materialist structures in contemporary society. Working with her hands is an essential part of the artist’s process, so that her work often shines a light on the contrasts between industrial fabrication and artisanal production. Many of her sculptures are based on everyday objects, or enlarge and translate them, into other materials and color concepts. For example, oversized puzzles made of wood, depicting groups of dogs playing on the brink of fighting: Together and yet divided, they border on cuteness and dominance, empathy and disassociation.

– Tomke Braun, Curator

Camilla Steinum acquired a Master of Fine Arts at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2012, as well as a BA in Fine Art/Textiles prior. In 2015, Steinum was a resident at the artist-led school „The Mountain School of Arts“, Los Angeles, USA. Her works are exhibited in Norway and on an international level. Her solo shows include „Transaction“, Goya Curtain, Tokyo, Japan (2019); „Craving Caring, Clumsy Connection“, Soy Capitán, Berlin (2018) and „Dubious Desire for Cleanliness“, Rod Barton, London, GB (2015). She has participated in numerous group shows, including exhibitions at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway (2019); Grenland Kunsthall, Porsgrunn, Norway (2018); CCA Andratx Kunsthalle, Majorca, Spain (2018) und 9th Norwegian Sculpture Biennial, Oslo, Norway (2017).


All works courtesy the artist and Soy Capitán, Berlin


Sun 29.03.2020 3 pm – canceled
Guided tour through the exhibition with Max Holicki

Sun 26.04.2020 3 pm – canceled, new date will be announced
Artist Talk with Camilla Steinum and Tomke Braun

Thu 07.05.2020 6 pm – canceled
Thursday Dialogs
Dialogical guided tour with the art mediators Max Holicki and Lara Siegers through the exhibition.

The exhibition is supported by
Nds. Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur
Norwegische Botschaft
Stadt Göttingen
Sparkasse Göttingen
Landschaftsverband Südniedersachsen e.V.


15. März (Sonntag) - 5. Juli (Sonntag)


Kunstverein Göttingen im Alten Rathaus

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