Art Education

Contemporary art raises questions, often challenging its viewers. Our events and education programs offer our audiences a range of opportunities for engaging with the artworks and artists presented in our exhibitions. Through tours, artist talks, workshops, and partnerships with local schools the Kunstverein is committed to facilitating encounters with contemporary art and encouraging visual literacy. We welcome you to join us in the lively dialogue of contemporary art!

Art Education Exhibition 2022


,Art & Education’ is a digital education project of the Göttinger Kunstverein. In this podcast, Johanna Brummack talks to the exhibiting artists about their current shows and the processes and politics behind: Which works were selected and why? Which artistic processes are not visible in the exhibition? Where do the artists start when they begin a new project? To what extent is the mediation of the work considered in the production process?

This episode is about Silvia Noronha’s exhibition “the breath below”, which took place at the Göttinger Kunstverein from 14.1. – 20.2.2022. We talk about learning from and with materials, about science fiction and speculative geology.

In the second episode of Art & Education, Vincent Schier, the curator of the Kunstverein talks about  the planning and organizational processes behind the 2022 program. We also talk about emotional sustainability in the cultural sector and what role collaborations play in Vincent’s approach as a curator.


In the 3rd episode of “Art & Education” I talk to Ellen Martine Heuser about her exhibition “Not a civilzation, but you,”, which was on view at the Kunstverein Göttingen from April 29 – June 12. The artist gives an overview of the individual works in the exhibition and talks about her exploration of sculpture, body and sound. We also talk about the importance of monumentality and vulnerability for human civilizations and how the artist brings both concepts together.


In this episode, two of the six artistic positions from the group exhibition I DON’T WORK ON WEEKENDS! are presented. The exhibition, curated by Vincent Schier, took place between June 27 and August 14 at the Kunstverein Göttingen and critically examines working conditions based on the art and culture industry.