Januar 2023

03JanGanztätigExhibition tour: Lines and BreaksIn cooperation with the VHS-Göttingen

On May 10, 2022, the exhibition tour Lines and Breaks with subsequent practical exercises took place. I visited the exhibition Not a civilisation, but you, by Ellen Martine Heuser with a VHS school graduation course. The participants explored the exhibition in small groups and chose a work of art that particularly appealed to them. Guided by a questionnaire and with the help of the exhibition booklet, they engaged with the work and presented their results to the group.  Confronting the conceptual approach of the exhibition initially led to irritation. However, it eventually turned into free-flowing, lively chains of association which then led to inquisitive engagement with the works. Abstract forms were translated into specific objects and the objects and materials were then perceived in the overall concept of the exhibition. In the practical part, the participants created graphical drawings based on the work Recordings. After the exhibition visit, the drawings were finalized during the VHS courses.

Text: Lilly Stehling



3. Januar (Dienstag) - 3. Januar (Dienstag)