Juni 2022

09Jun18:0020:00Aer, Axis, Hiss | Audio-Monument No. 6Ellen Martine Heuser & Alexander TillegreenKunstverein Göttingen im Alten Rathaus

Ellen Martine Heuser & Alexander Tillegreen
Aer, Axis, Hiss
Audio-Monument No. 6

The performance will be followed by a discussion with the artists.
Moderation: Vincent Schier

Aer, Axis, Hiss is a collaborative sound performance by Ellen Martine Heuser and Alexander Tillegreen and is also an artistic intervention in the exhibition Not a civilization, but you, by Ellen Martine Heuser. In the context of the performance, both artists combine their artistic practices and activate the exhibition space – in doing so, they follow an electro-acoustic approach and combine digitally manipulated sounds and soundscapes with acoustic elements in the space, such as whistling sounds or their own voices.

With the performance, not only a spatial experience is created, but also a new work (Audio-Monument No. 6) comes into existence. In the work, both artists incorporate their own artistic and technical approaches and their experimental perspective on space, sound, and sculpture.

In the performance Ellen Martine Heuser and Alexander Tillegreen will include and orchestrate existing audio recordings, which stand in close connection to the exhibition:

Bellringing from Rats- und Marktkirche St. Johannis Göttingen, January 14th 2022, 7 p.m.

Dimensions from the gravestone of Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (1286,756 cm3), Measured in Copenhagen, February 21st 2022, 3:27 p.m.

Organ recital by Bernd Eberhardt, Rats- und Marktkirche St. Johannis Göttingen, ‘Intervention’ on April 29th 2022, 6:45 p.m.

 Vowel sounds in a rock-cut tomb in ‘Necropolis of Pantalica’, Sicily, May 17th 2022, 10:54 a.m.


Ellen Martine Heuser (*1990 / DNK) presents her first institutional solo exhibition in Germany with Not a civilization, but you,. She studied fine arts in Hamburg and Warsaw and has participated in exhibitions both in Germany and internationally, including in Belgium, Poland and Austria, among others. Her intensive and process-oriented artistic engagement with places, as well as her questioning of sculpture as a purely physical object, has been widely recognized. Heuser has participated in residencies in Copenhagen, Vilnius and Vienna, among other places. This fall, she will focus on excavations when being a resident at Læsø AiR (DNK).


Alexander Tillegreen (*1991 / DNK) studied fine arts in Frankfurt and New York. In tandem with this, he studied art history and sound studies in Copenhagen, and conducts artistic research on an ongoing basis at the Max Planck Institute of Empirical Aesthetics. Sound is the conceptual and material focal point of his artistic practice and research, within this frame of reference, he works with different media such as sculpture, graphics, painting, installation and performance. Tillegreen’s works have been shown at the Museum MMK für Moderne Kunst (DE); the CTM Festival (DE); Roskilde Festival (DK); Strøm Festival, (DK); CPH:DOX (DNK); Fotografisk Center (DNK); the National Gallery of Denmark; and Kunsthalle Darmstadt (DE). He recently opened solo shows at the museum FuturDome in Milan (I) and O-Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art (DNK) and will release his first solo album on the German label raster-media in 2022.



The exhibition will be shown at the Alte Rathaus in cooperation with the Fachdienst Kultur der Stadt Göttingen.

We thank our funding partners:

For the production of the exhibition Ellen Martine Heuser has been supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Art Workshops and Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s Foundation.


9. Juni (Donnerstag) - 9. Juni (Donnerstag)


Kunstverein Göttingen im Alten Rathaus

Markt 9 | 37073 Göttingen