August 2019

15Aug18:0019:00Thursday Dialogs "For Better Or Worse"Kunstverein Göttingen im Alten Rathaus

“Thursday Dialogs” offer the opportunity to explore the exhibition together with Lara Siegers and Max Holicki following work, or as a pleasant end or beginning to an evening.

The group exhibition For Better Or Worse shows artistic positions by Josefin Arnell, Akinola Davies Jr., Isabella Fürnkäs, Sylbee Kim, Lorna Mills and Rory Pilgrim that deal with social relationships, their internal value systems, desires and ideals. Whilst, in the course of digitalization, resentments, accusations of alienation, and immersion in artificial worlds quickly become loud, For Better Or Worse, embarks on an endless search for new models of togetherness, interaction, family, friendship, and other social connections.


15. August (Donnerstag) - 15. August (Donnerstag)


Kunstverein Göttingen im Alten Rathaus

Markt 9 | 37073 Göttingen